About Us

Headwaters Hounds maintains a pack of American Foxhounds near Salida, Colorado to pursue the time honored tradition of foxhunting.   More information on this sport is at the Master of Fox Hounds Association.  Under the direction of the huntsman, the hounds are  used to pursue coyotes on public and private rangelands to assist with predator control.  Hunt followers enjoy viewing the hounds at work and the thrill of the chase, either mounted on horseback or following the hunt field on mountain bikes or vehicles.

If you are interested in following or viewing the hunt, or learning more about the traditions and benefits of this sport for predator control in rangeland, please email headwatershounds@gmail.com for more information.

Masters of Foxhounds

Alison Brown, (719) 331 2844

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  1. Kacy Phillips Hansen says:

    I was referred by Dr. Kris Ahlberg to contact you (She is my horse’s chiropractor.) I had shared with her my past experience with fox hunting and she thought I might enjoy meeting up with your Hunt some time.

    I was a member with the North Hills Hunt-Nebraska from 2001-2003. I rode in the jumping field during this time. During the end my second year with the Hunt, I sustained a cracked pelvis and had to quit riding for quite awhile.

    I do not currently have a horse I can ride in a hunt – my OTTB is no where ready to ride in a group setting. And I did not know if you had horses available for guest riders. At this time I can not commit to weekly hunts – I have 2 small children 5 and 2, and getting a baby sitter every weekend may be difficult. Also, I live in Highlands Ranch and weather my hinder my ability to get to Salida. Would it be possible to talk some time next week?

    • Alison says:

      Sorry for tardy reply, a lot of spam unfortunately was also posted to the web site. We have some horses available for guest riders. I will add you to our mailing list.

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